Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thrifting Adventures: The Jaunty Hat Edition

The other day I ventured out with one of my closest friends, Amber of Birds Chasing Bugs, in search of whatever treasures Southern Indiana had to offer. We had a pretty successful day, and we both came home with almost too much loot. Amber found a really cute cape for her amazing Etsy shop as well as several other goodies which I convinced her were too grand to be left behind, much to her protest. (I think that she secretly loves having me there to egg on her purchases.)

Unfortunately, I was having an Alice moment, and everything was either too large or too small. Speaking of crazy sizes, we happened upon these two hats which actually matched our outfits quite well, and felt the need to document the occasion while everyone looked at us like we were mad women. After about thirty minutes of dragging them along with me, I realized that the practicality of a cute stuffed fox and a shrunken boater's cap just wasn't sufficient enough to justify their inclusion in my ever-growing collection of weird stuff.

Sorry about the icky lighting and my wanna-be snooty face! I should practice in the mirror.

I did dig up some marvelous items for the shop which I cannot wait to photograph including a drop dead gorgeous 1950s tea length wedding dress, an absolutely amazing 1960s leopard coat, and an adorable vintage one piece bathing suit. I honestly wish it all fit me so that I could be greedy, and hog it all for myself! C'est la vie!


  1. Love your blog! Following you!


  2. love this post! i've been trying to get one of my friends to go thrifting with me all week so i can do a thrifting post! maybe next week...

    following you on bloglovin'

  3. Dear Kara,
    what would I really do without you, but buy too few vintage goodies and wear sensible hats? Let it be a secret no longer. I do love having you there. Let's go again soon!


  4. you didn't keep that teeny boater? shame it's gosh darn adorable! x


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