Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Storm Warming: Sweater Girl Style

Today was the first day that that trusty old Midwestern snow showed its shimmery, frosty self, and it's had me pondering the winter months and what they mean for my wardrobe. Every season gets me a little excited to pull out last years favorites, but lately I've found myself more bundled than fabulous by any means. It only took one look at Lana Turner to remember that winter doesn't have to mean bulky. Because of this, I thought it might be a nice time to take a look at that classic 1940's "sweater girl" style. Bullet bras not required.


  1. um, I love that sweater with the heart and dagger. It's so melodramatic.

  2. Eat your heart out, Ed Hardy! Also, I'm totally planning on making one of those with felt over Christmas. Join?

  3. love this post. so inspirational! i have like 10 new outfit ideas in my head.....


  4. If only I had tots to fill out these sweater tops. *sigh*

  5. Ha! I'm actually GLAD I don't have that kind of tot caliber. Sophia Loren's bust looks like work!


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