Friday, November 19, 2010

Queen of Quirk: Kate Bush

There are some days when I feel like no matter how much I accomplish, there is always a huge pile left on my plate taunting my efforts. As a grad student and all around multi-tasker, I'm noticing this feeling more and more frequently. The only way I can describe it is by referencing the Running Up That Hill music video. There's Kate Bush, desperately attempting and continuously failing to push her way through never ending sea of grey drones. I feel ya, Kate.

Enough about me, though. Kate Bush is amazing. It's like Stevie Nicks and Glenda the Good Witch had some kind of magnificent red-headed love child with the voice of a bizarre alien songbird. Perpetually gorgeous and perpetually pulling off things at which I would typically roll my eyes. Dramatic interpretive dance? Check. Floaty gowns and spandex? Check. Big, feathery bangs? Check. The first time I saw the video for Wuthering Heights, I spent hours... literally hours searching the internet for the perfect red chiffon maxi dress. It's as if the woman is made of magic. She's a fashion fairytale in and of herself, and I, for one, remain under her spell.


  1. Entries like this separate this blog from most others. Some random, disjointed thoughts: I can remember visiting my oldest brother at Notre Dame when I was in 5th grade - this would've been around 1980. It seems that every dorm room I looked into had the same two posters - one of Elvis Costello, and one of Kath Bush. I can say she still looks pretty good in those pics after all these years.

    "Wuthering Heights" - I love that song. And I can't explain why. It's so dramatic and theatrical. And her voice should irritate the shit out of me, but it doesn't.

    'nother good post.

  2. Also, Sarah Brightman wishes she was Kate Bush.

  3. OH my gosh, I love Kate Bush. Her voice is so strange, and she is even stranger, but The Kick Inside is one of my favorite albums (and it has a great name). Fantastic! I feel like not many non-British people talk about Kate Bush, so yay for mentioning her!

  4. OH MY GOSH, bless your heart. I love Kate Bush (almost too much) and I love what you said about Stevie Nicks and Glenda.... Genius! =]

    Kate at


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