Sunday, November 7, 2010

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The weather is getting colder, the air is getting drier, and in turn, my hair is looking duller and duller. For some reason, facts like this always seem to dawn on me in fluorescent lit fitting rooms, and I wind up with a spontaneous walk in appointment at whatever hair salon is nearby. "Take off as much as you need! Something has to happen with this! Work your magic!" is what I typically end up telling the stylist. I never really know what will happen, but this time I got what I believe is some really good advice:

Brush your hair before bed.

That's right. Brush your hair. No, not 100 times. You don't have to go all Marsha Brady in front of the vanity, but in the frozen winter months, a good brushing goes a long way. Not only does it keep tangles at bay, it also brings the natural oils from your scalp down through your tresses to give those tired, dry ends a little pick-me-up. I may not have the science to back up this claim, but the older woman who had the future of my locks in her hands sounded pretty convincing. I'll leave you with her advice:

"Do what your grandmas and great-grandmas did, honey! Brush it every night before you go to bed. In fact, have your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend do it for you! Nice and shiny! Plus, it feels good, and that ain't bad."

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Can't argue with that.


  1. Oh, such a good point! It's no wonder we girls obsess over pretty hair when society places so much value on it... what can we do? ;)

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  2. Oh man, I haven't brushed my hair in months! Oops! Next time we work together, I'll have you brush my hair for me ;) hahaha! Cute post, per usual.

  3. i was just on vacation for a week and forgot my hairbrush. i was in hell! very good advice :)



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