Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fringe with Benefits: An Ode to Bangs

It occurred to me recently that I basically have the exact same haircut I had when I was five... and seven... and sixteen... and twenty-one. You get the point. It's not a conscious decision, this constant return to the fringe. I'm not one to be overly attached to my hair, and have had just about every version of a pixie cut and a bob I can think of over the years. It just seems that as soon as I get bored with my options, the Fiskers come out, and voila! Bangs. Always bangs. They're like a little security blanket for my forehead, there to make my lack of effort look purposefully effortless.

So in honor of the hairstyle that's stood the test of my 24 years, I give you my favorite fringed females. My personal hair icons, just a little too busy being fabulous to manage a daily curl and shellac routine. Here's to you, ladies!


1. Jane Birkin 2. Marianne Faithfull 3. Francoise Hardy 4. Jean Shrimpton 5. Louise Brooks 6. Linda Ronstadt 7. Joni Mitchell 8. Anna Karina 9. Nico


  1. Love this. So cute. It totally makes me wanna cut bangs again! That picture of Joni Mitchell is so pretty.

  2. Love it! You are just so adorable and pull of bangs just as well if not better than these ladies!

  3. UGH! You make me really miss my long hair/bangs! Stop being so cute! :P

  4. Oh man, boy do I know this feeling. I do it too... for one, because it's an easy way to change up your hair when you aren't ready for a more committed haircut! I love your bangs, I think they suit you perfectly! :)

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  5. I also wanted to say: BABY KARA IS ADORABLE! :3

  6. I love this. LOVE. There's a chance that I'm spamming my friends on facebook to read this as we speak.

  7. Very cool. What about Anita Pallenberg and Melanie? Or how about Chrissie Hynde? She's always rocked some serious bangs.


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